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Our 2023 Recap

There are times when looking back reminds you of what you've really accomplished, and here are some highlights that left us feeling grateful!

January 2023:
Talking Myra with Rhina Valentin, host of Open BXRX

A TV station was my world in another life, but always behind the scenes. Rhina made being in front of the camera fun and easier than I thought. Check us out here.

Late Spring/Early Summer 2023:
Myra arrives, in English y en Español

After a couple of hiccups, Myra books are in full bloom! Find them here in English, and here in Spanish.

Myra: the perfect guest for an art party!

You can also find us at, and score autographed copies at Bronx Bound Books in-person events or book buses.

Fall 2023:
Rosemary lands a scholarship for the Picture Book Summit!

To call this online conference amazing is to undersell it. I learned so much and was so inspired by the speakers, that I whipped up a new story soon after. To find out more, visit the Picture Book Summit site.

Myra debuts at the Bronx Bound Books' Saturday Author series

The best part of this event was meeting all the young artists who created their own masterpieces! Check out our gallery showcase here. (Photo on right by Lillian Ruiz)

Winter 2023:
Mario & Rosemary on Hella Latin@ Podcast with Odalys Jasmine

We had a blast chatting with Odalys Jasmine, but it was also a deep exchange about growing up first gen and finding your way despite challenges. Check out our episode here, and explore the podcast for other great talks!

Last but not Least:
Myra makes the list of Betsy Bird's 2023 Unconventional Children's Books for The School Library Journal!!

Making this list was an early holiday gift for us. We're so humbled to know that Betsy Bird thinks Myra is THE 2023 poster child for unconventional picture books. This is high praise from someone who knows books and has written quite a few awesome, unconventional ones of her own!

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