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Meet Myra!

She's ready to be the first 2nd grader to win the school art contest, but things take a wacky turn when the grownups see her work. A funny, Almost True story about what happens when adults forget how to think like a kid. A good read for kids and their grownups too!

Special Thanks to the good folks at StoryCub for making this video


"The book is illustrated expertly; the drawings leap to life, and the emotions displayed speak volumes. I recommend this book for kids and adults alike, and especially to parents who enjoy reading to their kids."

"The main character is endearing and it's fun to follow her adventure. The story is both cute and clever and delivers a great message about creativity and innocence. I highly recommend this book."

"We can definitely find a little bit of Myra, the main character, in all of us... she certainly reminds you of the beauty of being young and having a wild imagination!"

Source: Amazon reviews