What's Happening:

Myra's Book Drop!

Coming in September 2022!

Myra is a 7 year-old with a simple dream: to win the school art contest and the adoration of the world. When her artistic vision gets strong reactions from the grownups, Myra’s dream looks like it’s about to become reality. Or is it? A funny, Almost True story about what happens when adults forget how to think like a kid.  Publisher: Imagine & Wonder

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What They're Saying:

Myra and the Drawing Drama will be on shelves in September. Look for it then, if you want a picture book that doesn’t blend nicely into the background like all the rest. Just make sure your jaw is tightly fastened to your head when you read it and doesn’t go rolling under the futon like mine did.

--Betsy Bird, Fuse 8 blog, School Library Journal




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